eighties pulp sapphic fantasy

A Delicate Vice

Cat waits as patiently as she always does, although she's near her tipping point. Everything is falling apart and Allison's slipping through her fingertips. Everything she hoped for really is nothing more than a fantasy.
Season 1, Episode 1 / Released on October 23, 2018

The Go Girls

They're just getting started and before long Sheila's tongue won't be the only one slurping on Jennifer's clit. These ladies are about to give the new girl in class a hardcore workout that she'll never forget...
Season 1, Episode 2 / Released on October 23, 2018

The Third Way

She's going to make Jane look like a real business woman. It's time to get some work done. Jane sits down and starts typing again but when her boss can't stop looking at her, it looks like the girls will be working overtime in more ways than one!
Season 1, Episode 3 / Released on October 23, 2018

Lesbian Twins

Although the parents are hesitant, they want a change of pace... which is exactly what Miranda is counting on. It isn't long before her persuasive powers have them scurrying out the door like giddy teenagers. Maybe this weekend won't be so bad after all.
Season 1, Episode 4 / Released on October 23, 2018

Strange Nurses

Tiffany is so confused...What kind of hospital is this? Rhe girls start making out as Nurse Wheeler continues to eat her pussy. When they finish each other off, Doctor Mills walks in, reminding the nurses they have a lot more patients to attend to.
Season 1, Episode 5 / Released on October 23, 2018

Private School

The girls do as they're told and slip her clothes off. Tiffany begins to eat her pussy as Heather climbs up and rides Miss Virginia's face. This may be Miss Virginia's first day, but it's just another class at Girlcore Private School...
Season 1, Episode 6 / Released on October 23, 2018