I Love You Both Equally

They BOTH want to spend more alone time with her and are jealous of each other. Once the shock wears off, Kitten becomes sympathetic, assuring them that, no matter what, she loves them BOTH equally... and she's ready to prove it in a way that should make EVERYONE happy.

Scene released on July 24, 2021.


Spank ME Instead!

She suddenly realizes that Aften must have caused the vase to break on purpose because she WANTED to be spanked. Well, Nikole's not going to let Aften have all the fun. If Aften wants to pretend to be noble by confessing, Nikole can do the SAME thing...and hopefully get a good spanking too!!

Scene released on May 1, 2021.


My Neighbor’s Sugar Mommy

'Wouldn't you like a new sister, too?' Serene seductively says while Lilly excitedly agrees. 'Lexi, come be my new sister...' Since she's so aroused and intrigued, Lexi agrees to the arrangement and the trio come together for a steamy threesome. Lexi's going to show her new sugar mommy how grateful she is to be part of the family!

Scene released on October 5, 2019.


Let Us Teach You

Alison is learning as much as experiencing some rather important life lessons from her Mommy and auntie Ava. Alison's smiles prove she is enjoying every moment. And when they all have a chance to cum Alison gets a chance to learn that she is just like other girls, and that having sex with her friends is completely natural, and even an experience worth having to make herself the sexy confident woman.

Scene released on September 20, 2014.